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Chart Details:

Deirdre Cavener – Natal Chart

Jun 2 1964 4:05 AM EST +5:00

Fort Wayne 41N07 50 085W07 44

Mean Node


This report explores the potential energies available for you in any particular location in the world. The report has evolved from a technique called astro-mapping, which overlays your chart on a map of the world using various methods. This overlay means that certain planets will be stronger in particular geographical areas. Through interpreting these planetary energies we can have an astrological map that tells us the best place to apply for promotions, to go on holidays, to meet lovers, and to live more fulfilled lives in the areas that are important to us.

The different lines listed in this report include Planet/Angle , Planet Direction and Paran lines.

Planet/Angle Lines describe where on the Earth individual planets or stars are culminating or anticulminating (or on the Midheaven and Imum Coeli) or are rising or setting (or on the Ascendant or Descendant). The Culminate/Anticulminate and MC/IC lines are always lines of longitude, whereas the rising/setting and Asc/Dsc lines are great circles around the globe and appear to curve on a map viewed in Cartesian or Mercator projection.

Planet Direction or Local Space Lines indicate the direction in which planets or stars are found when looking from the chart’s location. These lines are great circles around the globe, starting from the chart’s location. The common convention is to continue the line right around the world, back to the starting location. When viewed in Cartesian or Mercator projection, these lines generally appear to curve.

Paran Lines are lines of latitude, indicating where any two astronomical bodies (eg. planets or stars) are in an angular relationship that coincides with the angular relationship between the meridian and horizon at that latitude. For example, if the angle between the Sun and Saturn is the same as that between the meridian and the horizon, for particular latitude, then there is a paran line for the Sun Culminating/Saturn Rising along that latitude.

Let the explorations begin.


Maximum Orb Used: 10°00′

Jupiter – Rise Line (Orb 2°50′: Strong Influence)

Joy abounds here. You feel free to express yourself as never before. It is as if all limitations have lifted and you can follow your heart0felt dreams and wishes. Perhaps someone close to your heart enters your life in this vicinity, a potential marriage partner or benefactor. Either way this location is highly beneficial for your happiness and welfare. If you want to expand your world and throw yourself into the limelight then this is the line to follow. Your newfound self-confidence and friendliness will become obvious to others, and therefore attract goodwill in return. This is a particularly good line if you wanting to teach, or preach to others, or if you are want to take centre stage in any way. Self-promotion comes easily along this line. Publishing, perhaps even self-publishing, may be an option. The ancient astrologers believe the planet Jupiter to be highly favourable, however; there are some pitfalls to traversing this line. You need to be wary of over-indulgence, both physically and emotionally. Watch your weight. You also need to make sure that you keep your ego in check. However, on the whole, you are able to achieve your highest aspirations with the help of others in this location.

Neptune – Set Line (Orb 6°40′: Moderate Influence)

This location can induce an atmosphere of romance and idealism providing the ideal holiday location for a honeymoon or romantic holiday. However, any long-term travel here can prove troublesome. The problem is that the planet Neptune is linked with romance and idealism but not with truth and practicality. Therefore you could be subject to a sense of disillusionment, deception and confusion in. Either way your intimate relationship will not be all that it appears to be. It is not necessarily that anyone has set out to be deceptive, but a lack of clarity will pervade your relationships. Of course it is always possible that you will meet a spiritually significant partner along this line or perhaps move to this location with your spouse for a spiritual purpose. However, you need to be wary of romanticising matters. You may also find that you or your partner has unrealistically high expectations of the relationship. The trouble is it will be difficult to discriminate between the illusion and reality. Take your time, enjoy the romance, and give any relationship plenty of time to run its course in daily practicalities. You would also be wise to avoid business partnerships or legal contracts along this line, as it is possible that they also are not all they appear to be.

Mercury – Rise Line (Orb 9°43′: Weak Influence)

Communication skills will be highlighted along this line. Talking, writing, studying, networking, transport and reading are some of the forms of mental activity and communication that become part of your identity. If you have been quiet and retiring then now is the time to speak out and enjoy a new sense of confidence in your associations. If you are usually gregarious then you may either find this line over stimulating or enjoy new interests. You may enjoy studying a new hobby or joining a public speaking class. This is also an ideal line to follow if you are a writer, whether writing letters to friends and family or working on a written project or writing your insights in a journal. You have opportunities to become known for your ideas and intellectual skills. The connections that you make in this location could change the way that you think about yourself. Perhaps your friends and colleagues help you see a different side to your nature or perhaps one of your hobbies is seen in a different light. The only drawback to traveling to this location is that you find little time for silence. Fro this reason you may find it difficult to settle along this line. Nevertheless you enjoy the stimulation and excitement of learning new things and meeting new people while you are here.

Mars – Rise Line (Orb 9°47′: Weak Influence)

If you lack self-assertion then this location is beneficial, however; if you are a self-driven and assertive individual then you would do well to avoid this line. The planet Mars highlights drive and ambition. Therefore this location encourages the fiery side of your nature. If you lack fire then you benefit from the lessons of this location. You will become more assertive and self-driven. This is ideal if you are looking forward to focussing on some of your own pursuits, which require the attributes of self-motivation and self-reliance. There will be a tendency to meet others head-on and the ability to rise to a challenge. You may also be surprised by forceful traits, which you never knew existed. On the other hand if you are a fiery individual then you could lack discretion in this location. You may find it difficult to restrain your impulses and therefore your rash actions could endanger your welfare. You may become aggressive and others may response in a hostile way. Whatever your personal tendencies you will are likely to benefit if you are involved in competitive sports or in a business project that requires courage and acumen. Learning physical skills and finding an outlet for aggressive energy makes good use of the vigour of this vicinity.


Maximum Orb Used: 10°00′

Planetary Azimuths: Relocated

Azimuth from original location: 189°49′

Nearest planet direction line: The Moon – Azimuth 134°58′ (Orb 23°23′: Very Weak Influence)


Maximum Orb Used: 2°00′

The Sun Upper / Uranus Rising (Orb 0°07′)

Here you are able to express your own individual self in new, and perhaps unusual, ways. Life will be full of surprises, taking sudden and exciting twists and turns. Occasionally the changes may be disruptive and unsettling leaving you feeling like you are on a roller-coaster. Mostly though you will enjoy the thrill of change. Your innovative and original creativity should win through in the end, as long as you are not too rebellious or wilful. Politics, science, metaphysics and technology may appeal to you.

Pluto Setting / Black Moon Upper (Orb 0°57′)

No text available for this topic.

Pluto Lower / Black Moon Setting (Orb 1°32′)

No text available for this topic.


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The text in Solar Maps has been written by Australian astrologer Stephanie Johnson. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) and was a journalist in Australia, England and the USA for 15 years before becoming a professional astrologer. She is currently a consulting astrologer and Company Director of Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd in Adelaide, Australia. She holds the FAA Diploma qualification and a Medieval Certificate from the Robert Zoller School of Astrology. She was a former editor of the Journal of the Federation of Australian Astrologers.


Some Interpretations are from:

Roderick Kidston, Aquarius Communications, 2003-10

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