Weight Loss Coaching, Life Coaching & Spiritual Coaching Testimonials

Reading what my amazing clients say is by far the best way to understand how I work one on one with others.  Each of our paths are truly unique and coaching is not a One-Size-Fits-All Template.  As we work together new issues will arise, doorways will open, ideas will blossom … it is a remarkable evolution of mind, body, spirit.

I started working with Dr. Deidre Cavener six months ago. When we started, I was coming out of a rough patch in life, and I had no idea where my life was headed. I was working all the time, not making any progress, and suffering both physically and mentally.

In a matter of a few conversations, she pulled all this information out of me, which up to that point I didn’t feel was important. We started to list my life experiences, my education, my vocation, my gifts and talents. Deidre matched what I’m really good at, and really passionate about and suggested a two prong approach to my work future.

Deirdre also encouraged me to slow down, get outside, and get out of my head. I used to push myself working 12 hours per day, seven days a week. Now I rarely work more than six hours a day, and I’m still earning the same salary! I now take time to meditate, practice yoga, walk in nature, and learn (I love to read, write, research and observe).

And my two prong approach to work – with her guidance I am reinventing my business as a wellness coach, and writing a book on health and nutrition! She has also encouraged me to return to my lifelong passion of woodworking. For years others have asked me to go back to the shop, but it never made sense until I saw it through her eyes.

If that weren’t enough, I have begun to explore my spiritual journey with Deidre’s guidance. I’m learning how to help others to release some of their stress or negative energy, while no longer taking on that energy myself.

Six months ago, I was a middle aged guy thinking “is this all there is”. Today I see a bright future with unlimited possibilities, thanks to the guidance and coaching of Dr. Cavener.

David Trull

Working with Deirdre has made a tremendous difference in my life. She has the gift of being able to listen, really listen. She has a look that she gets on her face that is absolutely inspiring when I reach an “ahaa” moment. The energy she brings is infections and really makes me want to keep exploring, learning, seeking and taking Action just by being around her. I guess I can sum it up to say that she is an empowering force. Let us not forget to mention, she has really keen insights to offer that come from many years of building her very own wisdom cave. Yeah! That’s a place I like to go! Deirdre’s Wisdom Cave.

Judy Mauer

I met Deirdre a while ago on a trip to Florida.  She has always been very vivacious and had an energy that emitted so much positive energy that being around Deidre is contagious.

This year was different. She had a new glow! She has the ability to read me and could see I was more lackluster and lethargic this trip.  She began to tell me about Ketosis.  While listening to Deidre I could see her passion in expressing the life change that she was going through and that would be beneficial to me also.  Having issues with weigh fluctuations and intestinal anomalies, I had been looking for something but not quite finding it.

Deirdre introduced me to the Ketosis lifestyle.  I shy away from ‘diets’ which offer temporary short term fixes.  This is a life change and a permanent way to change your outlook and health.  She explained that it would not be an easy start but the benefits are un-paralleled.  It is so easy and so fulfilling that I do not feel like I am missing out in any area but she has helped me to add living to my life not just being here and existing.

Her engaging style and creative intervention have helped me jump start my new transformation.  I have started down a different and obtainable path which will flow into my future life and endeavors.  I am ready and excited to continue on this journey!

Michele Shad

I met Dr. Cavener 3 years ago when I was in a very low point of my life. My relationship of more than 20 years was on the rocks and my self-esteem was at its lowest point. Because of Dr. Cavener’s encouragement and coaching I was able to turn my personal and my career life around. She taught me to set lofty goals and to fight for what I want. She also taught me not tolerate unacceptable behavior and to set healthy boundaries in all of my relationships. Every time I see Dr. Cavener she makes me feel good about myself. About who I am, about how I look and about where I am today and what is possible in the future. She has shown me me new paths to take not only for the physical part of my life but for my spiritual growth that have enabled me to climb over mountains I never thought i could traverse. Thank you so much my friend for helping me learn to believe in myself again.

Caroline Duvoe