Weight Loss Coach

Are you tired of struggling with your weight? Have you been on the diet roller coaster for years, maybe decades?

My name is Dr. Deirdre Cavener and I am a weight loss coach in my 50s who understands exactly what you are going through because I have lived it (up, down, up, down, up, down – it is exhausting and frustrating).  Once I figured out exactly how to get off the diet roller coaster for good I knew that part of my life mission was to guide others on a path to health and fitness.  Today I help women and men over 40 regain their vitality and zest for life.  It is NEVER too late to reboot and turn back time.  Investing in yourself provides a high Return on Investment (ROI) that includes increased mental clarity (no more fog), abundant energy (no more fatigue), increased self-esteem, strength, decreased or elimination of pain, and so much more. You will look better, feel better, and love better. Your wealth is truly in your health – invest today for a bright tomorrow!

weight loss coach

YOU are NOT the problem. The food pyramid was based on poor and faulty research studies done in the 60s, funded by the USDA. Since then, it has been used to mislead us with more distorted “facts” funded by the government (Big Food) and the medical community (Big Phama) and continually marketed and advertised by the food corporations. We, as a society, were deceived into thinking that a low-fat, high carb diet was good for us – “fat is bad, eggs are bad, meat is bad.” We were directed to follow that USDA food pyramid. Current research has proven these “facts” were incorrect. Today’s obesity statistics show that the United States (and elsewhere) is in a MAJOR HEALTH CARE CRISIS. More people, including children, are obese and sick. Health care costs have risen sky high, which is good for health care providers, but not so good for us! A rethinking, paradigm shift must happen before it is too late. The eating habits learned from childhood and the flood of false advertising by the food industry are barriers to your health. Let’s break down those barriers together so that you can start truly living a life overflowing with abundant energy and bliss!

“Poor diet now contributes to more disease and death than physical inactivity, smoking, and alcohol combined.” ~ Dr. Aseem Malhotra

We are all unique individuals and one size (diet/lifestyle) doesn’t fit all.  I help you design the perfect program for weight loss success that includes both inner and outer work.  At the end of 30, 60, 90 days you will feel like a brand new person.

The weight loss program we design together for YOU doesn’t include any pills, potions, starvation, hunger, cravings, irritability, lack of energy, or fatigue.  It is a lifestyle program that shifts your entire being mind, body, and spirit to a vibration of abundance.

I have an expansive breadth of knowledge and decades of experience that help quicken your journey to living a life on purpose, healthy, happy, and joyful.

Fat and sick are not a life sentence.  Today could be a turning point for you if you are ready to step on your path.

Diet Myths

  • Eating fat makes you fat (false)
  • Saturated fat clogs your arteries (false)
  • Dietary cholesterol is bad for you (false)
  • Type 2 diabetes is not reversible (false)

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of health?  Schedule a FREE no obligation weight loss coaching consultation today.  Remember it is never too late to start a brand new chapter in YOUR Book of Life.  I work with clients remotely and in my office.

There is nothing more empowering and liberating than being fit and healthy – mind, body, spirit.

Blessings to your health,

Deirdre Cavener, PhD
Certified Holistic Life Coach

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